Wilmslow Race Series Parkruns

The 8 parkruns selected for the Club Series have been placed into pairs. Each completed pair scores as one race in the Club Series. Your best score for a parkrun pair over the duration of the Club Series is always used. So, you have opportunities to improve your points.

Points are awarded in the same way as for other races in the main club table and the league tables, but based upon the aggregated times for each pair of parkruns. If you run a quicker time in the year for a particular parkrun, then your aggregated time and score will be updated. The points are worked out monthly and the tables updated accordingly.  Be warned, points can go down as well as up depending on how other club members are doing!

The dates when the parkruns become part of the competition will be from the 4th March to 25th November. You can run the parkruns on any Saturday within these dates and in any order. 

Events below:

Latest Parkrun Series Times

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