Rainow 5 Hill race 1st May 2024

On arriving at Rainow I was pleased to meet up with Holly and Julie Lucas. Unfortunately, there were no other Wilmslow runners which is a pity as this is a good local race with all proceeds going to local charities.

This was actually my first ever off road/hill race many years ago. On arriving on that evening, I spotted our then coaching guru Tony Hulme and thought it would be a good idea to chat to him first.

“Hey Tony do you have any advice or tips on this race”?

“Yeah, you run up the hill and down again”.

“Er thanks Tony.”

With this clear and simple race strategy in mind we set off.

In summary you run for about 150 metres down a traffic free road, turn left down a rocky track towards Bollington, then down into the valley. After that it’s a steep climb to White Nancy, along the Kerridge Ridge, back on the track towards Bollington then retrace your steps back to Rainow.

Holly breezed past me within the first half mile, and I carried on at a steady pace. On reaching White Nancy I assumed that my calves were 100% lactic acid. (Nick would probably say that this is impossible but hey ho).

 For the final mile I was battling with an ancient looking guy whom I naturally assumed was in my age category, but I managed to get past him on the final 100 metres with a “sprint finish”. Turns out he was M50. Phew must have been a tough paper round!

Holly Lucas      52.40

John Porteous 56.55

Julie Lucas       1.06.05

All times include at least a two-minute wait at the first gate.

I think that this race could be a candidate for the summer series next year on the basis that:

  • It’s local
  • All you have to do is run up the hill and down again
  • The race starts and finishes near the Robin Hood pub in Rainow. Given the great job that Catherine has done in cajoling people like me into being more sociable it could be a good spot for post-race drinks.

John Porteous

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