WHM History

Ina Smallwood kindly supplied his analysis of Wilmslow Running Club runners running the Wilmslow half Marathon.

A sunny morning in 2022

Ian’s records start from 2002…

Who has run most times since then?

Most completedNumber
Steve Russell18
Rob Downs16
Trevor Faulkner16
Mick Fairs15
Tom McGaff15
Ian Ashcroft14
Jim Pendrill14
Nicky Mowat14
Ian Smallwood14
Gareth Trimble13
Gavin Mendham13
Simon Fenton13

And the top 10 fastest in that span of years

Fastest – Top 10  
Mike Halman01:10:062010
Rob Downs01:11:292009
Damian Nicholls01:12:292015
Darren Dunn01:13:002002
Richard Hirons01:13:062014
Jim Pendrill01:14:072010
Tom McGaff01:14:232004
Jonathan Cheshire01:14:332019
Richard Coen01:14:332021
Stuart Parrott01:15:012006

If you’d like to see your times [according to Ian ­čÖé ] click below

2002-2023 WRC Runners Times

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