The WRC 2023 Race Series Competition

Wilmslow Running Club – Annual Club Series and The Cheshire County Athletics Association Road Race Grand Prix

WRC Annual Club Series – Intro

The Club Series is held annually, over several distances and terrains. A list of around 20 races is identified.

Points for each race are awarded in the club competition based on your WRC position, ie 1st = 90, 2nd  = 89, 3rd= 88 etc. Points are also awarded within the league competitions in a similar way starting at 60. You will be placed into a league based upon your previous year’s races, or for new members, according to your current ability.

Your best 7 race results count, so you do not need to run all 20. However, you can run as many as you like to try to improve your position, as well as to enjoy going to races where you know there will be lots of blue and gold!

There are 8 parkruns included in the Club Series, these are explained below.


Club Vests must be worn. This is so that your fellow competitors can spot you. Therefore, no vest means no points. (Vests can be purchased from Running Bear). Vests are not required at parkruns.

Record the club’s name as Wilmslow RC when you enter an event. On some systems the club’s name is automatically allocated from your England Athletics number, in such cases then just accept the given club name. If you are not shown as a WRC member, then you won’t be identified in the results.

parkrun – you need to enter Wilmslow RC as your running club in your parkrun profile. We won’t be able to identify your results otherwise.

How do I take part?

Just pick your races and enter them as you would normally. You don’t need to advise anyone in the club what races you are entering. If you follow the rules above, then your race results will be identified.

Keep an eye out for races that sell out fast, there’s usually some indication in communications for the Club Series.

parkrun races

The 8 parkruns selected for the Club Series have been placed into pairs. Each completed pair scores as one race in the Club Series. Your best score for a parkrun pair over the duration of the Club Series is always used. So, you have opportunities to improve your points.

Points are awarded in the same way as for other races in the main club table and the league tables, but based upon the aggregated times for each pair of parkruns. If you run a quicker time in the year for a particular parkrun, then your aggregated time and score will be updated. The points are worked out monthly and the tables updated accordingly.  Be warned, points can go down as well as up depending on how other club members are doing!

The dates when the parkruns become part of the competition will be shown on the Club Series list of races. You can run the parkruns on any Saturday within these dates and in any order. 


Prizes will be awarded at an Awards Evening one month after completion of the Club Series. All members completing 7 races will receive a WRC Club Series Tee-shirt and mug. A special prize will be awarded to members completing 12 or more races. Prizes will be awarded to the male and female runner with the most overall points, the winners of each league, age category winners and some other achievements (eg keenest member who ran the most races).


The Grand Prix fixtures have been added into the list of Club Series Races.

The Grand Prix will have two separate sections, described below. Clubs and individuals will be able to compete in both sections which will be scored differently, each tailored for a different sector of the running community.

Both sections will be scored from the same selected Cheshire road races. There will be 8 selected races, distributed geographically throughout Cheshire at a variety of distances and spaced throughout the year. Any number of the races may be entered and entries will be included in the Grand Prix automatically by the individuals appearing in the results. The best 5 from the maximum of eight races will count in each GP section. Make sure you enter as Wilmslow RC unless the name is auto populated from your EA number

1. The Grand Prix

Based on the selected race results with all runners from non-Cheshire Clubs removed and points allocated based on position. Men and women will be scored separately. Teams will be automatically scored from the cumulative positions of the best 4 athletes from each club, again M+F will be scored separately. Any team not having the full complement of runners to make a team will have the missing number of athletes scored as the last gender runner +1. Each race will be scored separately with a GP M+F winner for each race and M+F Team with the lowest points. There will be a ranked cumulative score (Individual and team) showing the best 5 races. Veteran categories will also be identified separately for each race, but with no cumulative score. Eligible runners will be automatically entered if they enter and run the selected races. They do not need to register for this section.

2. Age Graded Grand Prix (WRC members have an action here)

This is designed to compensate for aging on a per year basis and supersedes any age category (veteran) performance. The results for each Cheshire Club athlete will be age-graded and ranked. (An age-graded performance of 52.65% will yield 5265 points). Again each race will be scored separately with an AGGP M+F winner for each race and M+F Team with the highest points. There will be a ranked cumulative score (Individual and team) showing the best 5 races. This will need runners to register their birthday to be accurate, otherwise the lowest age in their veteran age category will be used, to the detriment of their actual age-graded performance. Registration is simple at the Age Related Grand Prix Registration and Contact Page (gratefully hosted on Spectrum Striders’ webpage here):

3. Races Fixtures (best 5 count, so you don’t have to do all of them)

• Chester Spring 5​​​​ (12/04/2023)

• parkrun Chester​​​​ (13/05/2023)

• Dunham Massey 2 (Dave Telford Memorial)​ (8/06/2023)

• Birchwood Brook 5k​​​​ (15/06/2023)

• parkrun Alderley Park​ (8/07/2023)

• Birchwood 10k​​​​​ (20/08/2023)

• Guilden Sutton 10k​​​​ (17/09/2023)

• Congleton Half​​​​​ (01/10/2023)

The Races (As of 26th January)

RaceTerrainDistanceMonthDate Entry Details
Cloud 9Fell9 milesMarch05/03/2023WeekendCongleton Harriers
High Legh 10kRoad10kMarch12/03/
Wilmslow Running Festival   26/03/2023  – NO RACES
Chester Spring 5 (CCRGP)Road5 milesApril12/04/
Buxworth 5Road5 milesMay04/05/2023MidweekGoyt Valley Striders
parkrun Chester (CCRGP)Road5kMay13/05/2023Weekend*
Happy Valley Trail Half MarathonTrailHMMay14/05/2023WeekendBollington Harriers
Dunham Massey 5kRoad/Trail5kMay25/05/2023MidweekBookitZone
EDENFIELD FELL RACEFell10.2kJune04/06/2023Weekendprovisional date
Dunham Massey 2 (CCRGP)Road/Trail5kJune08/06/2023MidweekBookitZone
Colshaw Hall 10kRoad10kJune11/06/
Birchwood Brook 5k (CCRGP)Road5kJune15/06/2023MidweekSpectrum Striders
Marple Runners Carnival 10KTrail10kJune18/06/2023WeekendMarple Runners
SMAC ShutlingsloeFell Jun-AugTBCMidweekTBC ***
SMAC The RoachesFell5.8 milesJun-AugTBCMidweekTBC ***
SMAC Rudyard LakeTrail5 milesJun-AugTBCMidweekTBC ***
SMAC TittesworthTrail Jun-AugTBCMidweekTBC ***
parkrun Alderley Park (CCRGP)Trail5kJuly08/07/2023Weekend*
Shady Oak Tough 10kTrail/Road10kJuly13/07/2023MidweekGoyt Valley Striders
Alderley Park TrailTrail5 milesJuly18/07/
Birchwood 10k (CCRGP)Road10kAugust20/08/
Mid Cheshire 5k (Summer)�Road5kAugust25/08/
Guilden Sutton 10k (CCRGP)Road10kSeptember17/09/
Congleton Half Marathon (CCRGP)RoadHMOctober01/10/
Knutsford 10k� (unavoidable clash)Road10kOctober01/10/
Wilmslow Festive 10kRoad10kNovember26/11/
Stockport 10Road10 milesDecember10/12/
Runners Choice MarathonAnyMarathonMar-Nov  **
the parkrun race pairings.      Completing both parkruns in a group will qualify as one race in the series
WAGsmixed5kMarch – Nov 4 March to 25 NovSaturdaysAlderley Park and Wilmslow
City Slickersmixed5kMarch – Nov 4 March to 25 NovSaturdaysStretford and Alexandra Park
Freshersmixed5kMarch – Nov 4 March to 25 NovSaturdaysSouth Manchester and Fletcher Moss
Country Squiresmixed5kMarch – Nov 4 March to 25 NovSaturdaysLyme Park and Bramhall


*:  Make sure you Don’t forget your token! And are registered as WRC on your parkrun profile

**: Send your marathon result(s) to Jan for inclusion in the competition 

***: will pick 2 from these races

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