Mob Match starts tomorrow – Plus warning


a Few snippets!

Mob Match.

The mob Match commences on the 14th.  So far (10:00AM 13th) we have 34 runners entered. Widnes have 77!

Riddles from December!!

A boy was at a fairground and went to a booth where a man said to the boy,  “If I write your exact weight on this piece of paper then you have to give me £25, but if I cannot, I will pay you £30.”

The boy looked around and seeing no scale  he agrees, thinking no matter what the man writes he’ll cheat and just say he weighs more or less.

But in the end the boy ended up paying the man £25. How did the man win the bet?

And the harder one as it’s Christmas:

What is the best present you can receive for Christmas?

Well I guess I lost my Mojo shortly afterwards.. the answers are the end of the article!1 🙂

Hill runners.

Especially Derbyshire ones. Be Responsible. Take care! 🙂

Riddle Answers

  1. He wrote: ‘your exact weight’ !!
  2. A broken drum.  You just can’t beat it!

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