Mobsters and Warriors

I meant to post this New Year’s Eve … but hey ho!  I know Groups 3/4/5 are looking to provide the mobsters!! But who wants to be a Warrior? 🙂

Last year the Virtual Mob Match competition between running clubs and groups  when there were 2280 individual participants from 17 clubs and groups. Now it is back for the winter!

And they have introduced a Mob Match Warrior where clubs/groups of any size can nominate 20 runners to take part in an additional Mob Match Warrior competition on behalf of their club!!

Changes for 2021

  • We’ve introduced tighter banding to limit the maximum number of finishers permitted for a team. This is to help reduce the chances of a mismatch such as a 500 strong team being drawn against a 20 strong group of running friends. We are in Band 3 – Maximum 125 runners
  • We’ve introduced Mob Match Warrior which allows your team to nominate their best 20 runners to compete against all the other Warrior teams in an extra, separate competition. is an additional, knockout Team competition that allows you to field 20 of your top runners (10 male, 10 female) to compete against each other in each round of Mob Match, regardless of which band you are entered in. It’s a single competition where all the entered Warrior teams compete through the rounds, against each other. More on this later.
  • We’ve set some more specific criteria of what constitutes eligible runners and eligible routes.

Warrior Teams

The team manager can nominate different people for each round but once your final nominations have been submitted, no changes can be made to it for the upcoming match.  Your team choice must be confirmed at least 48 hours before the match window opens.


Your team should consist of 10 males & 10 females who are 1st or 2nd claim for your club/team/group. Your Warriors run and log their times as normal for Mob Match; we then include their times in the Warrior Results table. The scoring differs from Mob Match – the runner who is placed first according to time in the Warrior table scores 1 point, second scores 2 points and so on. All the scores are added up per team with the lowest scoring team winning, and the highest scoring teams being knocked out. The remaining teams go through to the next round.

As they are separate, the results of the 2 competitions have no direct impact on each other. When a team is knocked out of Mob Match, if their Warrior team is still in the game, nominations are still accepted for that Warrior team for the next round.

When a Warrior team is knocked out, if the Mob Match team is still in the game, we just don’t accept Warrior nominations for the next stage for that team.

What classes as an ‘eligible’ runner

Affiliated clubs/Groups:

Any member/social member/volunteer of the club/group is eligible to run/walk for you. These limits can be extended to include the member’s parents and their children i.e not their  siblings/cousins, next-door neighbours or members of the local fishing club etc.  🙂

Eligible 5km Route:

Your 5k route must either start and finish at the same place OR have less than 15m drop in height in total. Anything other than that will be rejected unless both teams have agreed to allow it.

Note:  These are fairly basic rules but we are open to 2 teams playing each other to agree more specific restrictions between them for their match, e.g. to restrict entry to 1st claim members only, agree on acceptability of a certain route etc. as long as both sides agree and let us [Crazylegs] know about them.

You must be registered to submit your times.

The number of times accepted for submission per match will be restricted to the band limit maximum. Submissions will be accepted on a ‘first come first entered’ basis and once your team’s submissions hit the band limit, no new entries will be accepted.  E.g. for a match in band 1, we will accept the first 20 time submissions for each team.

Once a time has been submitted, it can only be changed, not removed. Improved times must be updated before the end of the match.

Team members can enter the matches before or during the match up until the match window closes.

Runs/walks not started and finished within the match window do not count.

All times must be submitted before the close of the match window.

Time taken will be your elapsed time, not your moving time

You should record your run and keep it in case of queries around your times.

Entries will not automatically be carried over into your next match, you must register separately for each match you play in

Expected dates.

Round 1 Thursday 14/1/21 Start; Finish Noon Monday 18/1/21.

Round 2 Thursday 21/1/21 Start; Finish Noon Monday 22/1/21.

Please can you let your Captains (Andrew & Janine) know if you intend running, and copy me Nick on the note.


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