Injury Update October – updated

Either I’ve had a very disappointing response to the Injury Update request or we have a fully fit members 100 club. So the only thing to report is that


Things are slowly moving forward. I had yet another Zoom physio appointment and this time it was suggested problems with the piriformis. I seem to have several issues in the lower back and pelvis area this is the latest one to be identified. Either that, or they don’t have a clue….lol.

I’m now using the small spiky physio balls daily to try and ease things off. Tomorrow I get to see the physio in person., now that’s a novel idea. I’ve just received a letter confirming an appointment to see the consultant on the 27th October, just 7 months after the previous appointment was cancelled.

Overall I’m positive that things are gradually moving in the right direction. I can still shuffle around slowly, which keeps the mind happy.

If anyone has suggestions for piriformis issues then I’d be glad to hear them.

Hipperty Hoppity.

Beginning to suffer from the Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. Lost a bit of focus on website updates this week. Having had my blood tests for atrophy and my MRI scan on thigh my scheduled telephone appointment for last  Monday the 6th didn’t come through. Chasing it up with his secretary resulted in the ‘reason’ being my results had not come back. And would I telephone and arrange one for the 20th!  But she would request my March Injection to be rescheduled. So after several attempts on Monday I eventually got through in the afternoon only to find that: (a) the Alex has been closed the weekend for something [deep clean?] and would reopen tomorrow; and (b) they couldn’t see my ‘diary’ as they were non NHS and gave me another number to call. Apparently the number I get on my telephone consultation reminders to call if I can’t make it wasn’t the one to use! Still I now have another useful number for future issues! Oh! And please don’t phone until Tuesday afternoon or preferably Wednesday morning to get through.

Having confirmed I would like the postponed injection I got an update that I must isolate for 14 days starting the 11th!  I began to plan how I would lock myself away for two weeks without  bricking myself into the spare room.

Miraculously, next day [late Tuesday morning] I got though to the NHS booking team on the second attempt. Could I have a n appointment on the 20th please?.  Umms and Arrrs! Can you confirm your details. Yes! Oh! He doesn’t do appointments then. Have I got the right date?  Well it was to be the 6th and I have been asked to rearrange it for the 20th.

He doesn’t have appointments scheduled for those days. He has the 13th and 27th!  The 13th is fully booked.  Would you like the 27th? !! Well the appointment would be to discuss the  tests and the injection – scheduled for the 26th.  Oh! Why don’t you contact his secretary and discuss. End of call.

So another email and a wait.  A response about the injection. Good news its only 3 days isolation now. The Alex has just that day changed its policy.

Just recently another email saying that the secretary has called the Alex and booked me my appointment for the 19th!!

Talk about Alice In Wonderland.  Well the only thing to go wrong now is what Boris Decides on Monday!!! Or the following week.


Been meaning to update you re my “injury”, but like most runners I ignore it! Things are improving though 👍🏼 bit of a metatarsal bruising but slowly building it back up and trying to be sensible! Doing a lot more spinning, crossing trainer and usual weights at the gym

Elsewhere. [I believe]

Peter is getting over his hamstring and starting to do small runs.

Roy is ‘running’ but it looks like his leg is sore.

Kate is cycling whilst she sees how her leg/foot/ankle goes on.

Jan is now running in loops – not straight lines. She managed her first training since Lockdown! Taking care of her hamstring – she gave the impression of a young newly born horse getting used to her legs on Tuesday.

Nic is back running strongly on Tuesday.

Jarrod is coming back slowly mixing swimming, cycling and some running too.

Matt is doing more cycling than running.

End of rumours

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