Cheshire Ladies Team win at Abergele 5 miler – 3rd November 2019

The Cheshire ladies Team won gold at the 5 mile North Wales Championships at Abergele on Sunday.  Wilmslow had Claire representing Cheshire. She did brilliantly in the sun!

3rd Female finisher and second senior lady; and also second for Cheshire.  Golden Girl.  A PB too I think.

Cheshire ladies won the team event.

Results below:

Gun Time            Athlete                     Club                                  Chip         Pos       Category/Place

25:16            Owen Roberts       Rhedwyr Hebog Runners         25:16       1st         1st Male

29:36           Hannah Cowley   Helsby Running Club               29:33       20         1st Female

31:36           Claire Clancy       Wilmslow Running Club           31:34       30         3rd Female

217 Runners

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