Cross Country this Saturday 8th October – additional details


Nick presumably said the last night but let’s have as many of you as possible at the first event.

Due to adverse weather conditions, the map shown on the website is likely to change. It may well be just days before race day that the final redraft of the course can be confirmed. Conditions are very wet with further rain forecast.

The MACCL site has full details.

Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe Road, Manchester, M23 0PH

Race Start Times

U11 Girls & U11 Boys = 12.00 pm

(No race for this age group in Match One) 

U13 Girls & U13 Boys = 12.15 pm

U15 Girls & U15 Boys = 12.30 pm 

U17 Girls & U17 Boys = 12.50 pm

Senior, U20 & Vet Women = 13.30 pm

Senior, U20 & Vet Men = 14.30 pm

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