Club Handicap 2018

Thanks to organisers and supporters: Ian Ashcroft, Paul Saunders, Dave Read, Nick Bishop, James MacDonald, Peter Watson, Martin Wheeldon, Trevor Faulkner, Simon Mann, Jan Wyles

Club members who have completed the requisite qualifying races in 2018 are included for the Sue Hool trophy. For those who are new to the club, the trophy is named in memory of Sue who was a member of our club. She passed away unexpectedly on 23 December 2010 aged just 35.

PosRunnerOverall TimeSue Hool Trophy
1Malcolm Fowler1:10:22
2Markus Dalgaard1:10:58
3Joseph Harrison1:11:11
4Mark Harrison1:11:14
5Louisa Harrison1:11:501st
6Julie Downs1:12:04
7Victoria Mowat1:12:06
8Dan Brundred1:12:19
9Ellen Downs1:12:23
10Kate McCulloch1:12:31
11Ian Roberts1:12:372nd
12Sally Gilliver1:13:093rd
13Trevor Morris1:13:104th
14Jarrod Homer1:13:335th
15Julie Lucas1:13:476th
16Joe Eyre1:13:54
17James Eyre1:13:55
18Richard Hirons1:13:56
19Peter Speake1:13:577th
20Don Bullough1:14:06
21Nicky Mowat1:14:118th
22Colin Hill1:14:25
23Colin Walton1:14:399th
24Rob Downs1:15:00
25Andrew Whittingham1:15:0410th
26Damian Nicholls1:15:1611th
27Mike Hill1:15:2612th
28Richard Lawson1:16:0013th
29Liz Mann1:16:28
30Pete Stock1:16:46
31Roy Pownall1:17:1115th
32Stella Mann1:17:21
33Janine Ellis1:17:2716th
34Paul Norris1:17:2817th
35Robert Wilson1:19:33
36Charlotte MacDonald1:20:06
37John Porteous1:20:1418th
38Ian Ashcroft1:22:2219th

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  1. Just a thought – there’s just 12 minutes between first and last which is decent handicapping – 12 out of 70 is, erm…. well I’m not sure but it isn’t a lot, well done Ian!

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