Buxworth 5

Nicky Mowat writes:-

3rd May 2018

1 Michael Cooke unattached 29.07
24 Lucy Wasinski Glossopdale Harriers 35.03
35 Vinny Booth 35.43 2nd V50
37 Tom McGaff 36.15 1st V60
44 Paul Norris 37.02 2nd V60
50 Di Bygrave 37.51 2nd FV40
94 Tony Hulme 41.54 1st V70
99 Nicky Mowat 42.11
112 Chris Cannon 43.23
123 Catriona Marshall 44.35
144 Catherine Mellor 47.08
156 Sue Strang 49.29
158 Julie Lucas 50.21
180 Trevor Faulkner 60.02

Some realised earlier than others that Buxworth was no longer in the SS but it didn’t put off the keenies who had already entered. It was a dry evening and a pleasant drive over the hills. I had explained to Catherine on the way that it was a flattish two lapper only to realise when we arrived that I was mixing it up with the Round the Reservoir race we did last year! I had forgotten that there were hills involved.

The race reminded me of Langley, all the uphill first and then a steep downhill for the second half. My first two miles took nearly 20 minutes – rather a struggle! Cat overtook me on the first hill still running while I was pretending to speed walk. The Buxton runners seemed to be expert on the ascents, while I waited for the descent to overtake some of them. I could see Tony not far ahead but couldn’t reach him even though the last mile was flat along a trail which seemed endless.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the run, most of us preferring the second half, funnily enough. As registration was in a pub we were able to relax over a drink afterwards. Many thanks to Carolyn, Angie and Don for their support.


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  1. Ange and I enjoyed a pre race 4 mile trot (part of her recovery) and then half a San Miguel as we cheered you in.
    Flattish two lapper indeed, were you doing some sports psychology there Ian? Nobble your competition? If the route was a shock for Catherine she didn’t show it, she’s flying. I vote that she gets moved to league 3 🙂 ! Carolyn

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