Summer Series after 16 Races

upcoming races:-

  • Thursday September 7th.               Hades Hill
  • Sunday September 17th.                   Sutton 10k
  • Sunday October 1st.                           Congleton Half

Diane takes over from Matt at the top of the table. Are we going to have our first lady winner of the Summer Series?

Jarrod has moved above Paul, the leading League 2 runner,  into third place.

Paul Garnett and Tony, also from League 2, are 5th. and 6th. Injured Tim slips to joint 6th.

Second lady, Diane Bygrave, shares 8th. with Richard.

Mark, who heads League 3, is 10th., one place above the third lady, Janine.

Then comes Louisa, followed by Mark’s challengers in League 3; Gail, Sally Gilliver, Sally Price, Chris and Nicky.

In the League 2 table, itself, after the Pauls, Louisa is ahead of Diane, who is tied fourth with Richard and Tony. Janine, who has yet to find her form since the London Marathon, is seventh.

In League 3, itself, the order is, again, different to that in the Main Table; Sally Price is second then Nicky, Sally Gilliver, Gail, Patrick, Chris, John and Catriona.

Colin’s dominance of League 4, 9 wins out of 9, has taken him above Julie into 22nd. place but the injustices of Main Table arithmetic still have him below Ian, who is 19th. Simon and Trevor bring-up the League 4 runners who have completed their 7 races.

There are now 25 names on the 2017 mug.

Jeremy, Tom, Ian Smallwood and Don have 6 races.

Barry, Craig, Carolyn, Jan and Sue need two more finishes to complete their qualification.

Things are getting tight for Graham, Gareth and Rachael who need three more races.

and even tighter for those leading the bunch on three races; Allan, Trevor and Richard Harrison.

Mark and Chris join Ian with the 13 races to qualify for the 2017 T-shirt.

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