Mid-Cheshire 5k Injury Update

Simon Fenton writes:-

Mid – Cheshire 5K

24th August 2017.

This race is run twice a year and appeared in the summer series two years ago and back in April this year. In 2015 Pete Watson ran 25 10 at the age of 74 and that has remained in my consciousness ever since. My attempt in April at the same age was some way short and I came away disappointed in my performance. Shortly after that, the breathing issue I have had for four years started to improve and my times with it. Conversely Jan had run really well back in April and was going back to see if she could improve on it. Pete Speake – coming back from injury – and Rob were also running along with Catriona who had it in her head it was a summer series race and surprised at the lack of Wilmslow vests. It is a high quality field on a very fast course which is reflected in the position Pete and Rob finished. Pete was happy with his post injury progress and Rob was as consistent as ever. Jan headed Cat the whole race not knowing she was one second behind her at the finish. I ran a great deal better than April but still managed to be one second behind Pete Watson’s aged 74 time.
The Down’s genes were in evidence with daughter Ellen finishing 1st Lady U21 in a personal best 17 27.

1st Charlie Hulson Sale Harriers 14 35
39th Pete Speake 16 01
43rd Lauren Howarth Leigh Harriers 16 10
60th Rob Downs 16 43 3rd V50
376th Jan Wyles 23 47
377th Cat Marshall 23 48
405th Simon Fenton 25 11 2nd V70

476 ran.

Injury Update.

Roy Pownall.
Back in January Roy was treated for a detached retina which put him out of running for several months. Last Monday the retina in the other eye became detached and he was operated on the next day. Initial reports are this operation has been as successful as the first but running will be out the question for a couple of months.

Damian Nicholls.
Damian was complaining of a pain in his foot when he cornered on the Jim Evanson reps a month back. This proved to be a stress fracture necessitating a medical boot. Concerns he will have to get his suit altered to accommodate the boot for his wedding in two week’s time are greatly exaggerated.

Tim Billington.
Stress fractures of the foot are this month’s injury du jour. Tim ran Teggs Nose in some discomfort and reported afterwards he was concerned it was a stress fracture and he would get it x-rayed. He is off to Iceland on a walking holiday with his son shortly and will refrain from running until after that.

Pete Bream.
Pete stepped on a protruding post on the Edge reps last week. Fortunately it was only a bad bruise and not a stress fracture and he will be back running this week.

John Porteous.
John was experiencing pain in his chest at The 3 Peaks of Chinley and this turned out to be a spontaneous pneumothorax or collapsed lung. He spent a painful day in hospital having the air drained from the lung and this has resolved the problem. John is hoping to start some light jogging shortly.

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