Cheshire XC Championships – more details

From Nick!

In addition to the earlier CCAA XC update, further details are available here.

I am block entering teams, but you need to let Andrew & Rebecca know if you intend running.


Some background to the Covid measures in place for the CCAA XC Champs!

  • We have SAGS approval
  • We have an EA license
  • We have a private venue
  • We are one of only two counties that are staging County XC


A risk assessment is in place…Terms and conditions, including no spectators is on the entry form

The course is two laps to prevent the overtaking of slower runners, similarly wide enough.

The start line is 10 m wide, so there will be a front line of 5x 2m spaced marks.

These will be repeated every two metres.

The first wave of five rows will be marked with red discs, the second orange, third yellow etc. After violet, it will be red2, orange2, etc.

I envisage an open grid, with no pens formed by stakes separating the runners, although maybe this would help for the first wave.

For the finish barriers will take the runners in a series of funnels in a 180’ fan shape to prevent mixing.

A warm up are has been created to stop runners warming up on the course.

Hand sanitizers are provided

No caterers…nothing to offer any chance of queues

Portaloos have an attendant to clean, all the time

Last time I visited, I had a nurse with me to cover every eventuality!!

Run without worry!!


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