Cross Country Survey – please complete

Hi Everyone,

You should have received an eMail from Nick regarding the cross country survey that we’d like you all to complete.

Can you  please give this your full attention, as it has significant implications on our sport.


Equality of distance has become a major issue in terms of cross county running with significant implications.

Everyone can have their say, and a survey was recently sent to all Club members by our governing body. The Leagues are not administered by EA/UKA but by well meaning individuals.
The ECCA along with the 3 Areas (North/Midland/South) would urge all to complete the survey, before it closes on the 29th January. We know that many have not completed the survey, because they did not agree with the closed nature of some questions, however if you put 0 (zero) in question 6 re distance that events should be equalised at, you can then proceed to the later questions and add your comments if status quo is to be maintained or otherwise.
Alternatively you could email to voice your concerns or otherwise, or indeed obtain a copy of the survey if you haven’t received one

We understand that discussions on the survey results will start in February, with all competition providers, and because of our concerns with the UKA survey, we are asking for Clubs affiliated to NA to complete our survey.

It is highly likely, that I will be involved in this.


The link for our survey is:-

Please can you return to me, so that I can compile the results…Thank you.


Thanks everyone.

Best regards,




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