Out and about in a parallel Universe

Hope everyone is looking forward to the 30th and recommencement of training.

Just thinking what a parallel universe we can reside in.  Today would normally be the day to pack bags for the Wilmslow Half!! Grab half a sandwich and a pork pie and prepare for the clocks leaping forward tonight. And a busy, busy day tomorrow.

I noticed I didn’t post a review of what people had been doing the previous week!! Or was it weeks. I think I am suffering from the Covid Lockdown Blues. Well belatedly:

On the Strava League it was a little less frantic. The previous week – on distance the leaders were: Peter with over 100k; ahead of Dan and RichardC; on time not surprisingly Peter ahead of Dan and Jonathon Dabbs! Finally, on climbs we had PeterB ahead of IanS and Julie. It was ladies week! On distance Huma, Rebecca, Laura and Claire occupied 4th-7th positions. Huma was also 4th on Climbs! Well done girls.

Longest run was by Claire with 21.6k. We only had Tim and Peter with over 20k runs.

While last week On Distance Dan pipped Peter and Richard; on Time Rob was ahead with Dan and Richard trailing him. And back to normal – Rob ahead on ascent followed by Tim and Laura.

Rob was putting in most Kilometres – 28.6 to be precise. Richard and Andrew had 25k as their longest runs. Whilst Dan and Nic were at 22k; Claire and RichardH at 21k and Tim and Peter just over 20k.

Hopefully see most of you next week 😊

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