Run of The Week: Bollin River Loop

Now that the weather is nice, Groups 3/4/5 suggestion is the Bollin Loop.

Down hill, to Twinnies
Left cross bridge
Left footpath to Quarry Bank
Up hill, sharp Left
Footpath, at end Left down hill
Over bridge, round loop
Retracing to Twinnies
Cross Carrs
By 2nd. Bridge, Right up hill
Hawthorn Right and Left
Footpath to and across Carnival Field
Cross Altrincham Rd
Into Lindow Common
Footpath skirting to Right of lake
Cross Racecourse Road
Into Lindow Lane
Continue on track, Battery lane
at end Right into Rotherwood
Cross Newgate
Next Right take track to end
Right and Left near Nature Reserve
Track now becomes Greaves road
Cross Altrincham Rd into
Kings Rd. to Club


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