Run of The Week

This week’s Run – again put forward from Ian is a 10-10.5k jaunt!. As follows:

Start/Finish and direction, your choice.

Club Car Park
Up Kings rd.
Cross Altrincham Rd. Slight R & L
Greaves Road to end
R & L by ‘Nature Reserve
To end, L
Cross Newgate, L Battery Lane
Continue Lindow Lane
Cross Racecourse road, through stile
Footpath skirts to L of lake
Fork L, stile, cross Altrincham Rd
R & L across Carnival Field
Footpath far right to
Hawthorn road R & then L into Carrs
Pass parkrun start
R Chancel Lane
cross Manchester Rd.
L by-pass slip road
L through under-pass
L Wilmslow Park
Up hill L Fairford way
Footpath, chicane
R Hazelwood Road
R chicane to Overhill Road
R Wilmslow Park
down hill, over bridge
R through underpass
Cross Manchester Rd.
Into Carrs
Footpath to Twinnies
L to Club



I got a bit confused but my guess at the initial directions is as follows

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