Injury Update – post Christmas: Updated

Well the status of some of our runners injury and recovery as known, or possibly mis-heard[!], by me is as follows:


I’ve just been to see the specialist and the MRI scan shows that I have arthritis in the sacroiliac joint. The good news is that I can still run without causing further issues. I can only shuffle and can’t put any pressure through the pelvis without instant pain. Fast running is overrated anyway.
I deal with it on a daily basis and adjust my training accordingly. At least I can get out and enjoy the countryside and the freedom running gives us.

Best Wishes. Bill

Hipperty Hopperty:

Well I am not sure whether the injection is beginning to wear off or I am reacting to the NHS Couch to Potato Training Plan. Week 5 has proven to be a killer! Fewer but Longer Reps. Ended up quite sore after the first rep session of that 3rd week of December. Then Xmas and the icy weather has meant no running for two weeks. Still fingers crossed as I don’t have a consultation until early March!!

Tracy: Taking care of her hamstrings! First run a few days ago. This was after a few days off after pulling a muscle behind my shoulder blade feels uncomfortable to breathe and run not helpful!

Kate: Her knee is better now. Fingers crossed and she is  now up to 70 mins slow flat running !

AndyC: I have had a problem with a really sore soleus muscle for the last 5 weeks and haven’t been able to run. It’s responding to rest and physio and hopefully only a couple of weeks away from starting slowly again.

 Roy: Managed the Christmas Handicap run! Ankle is fine now, but my left knee is not good. I had an operation on it about 6/7 years ago for torn cartilage and it has been ok although not perfect. With the 4 month lay off it is taking a while to getting it used to running again.
I have an x-ray on my ankle this Friday to see if there is any wear and tear. Would be better now x-raying my knee!

IanR: feeling lousy as he starts his second week of Covid Isolation. Fingers crossed that he recovers quickly.


Hoping there is much improvement to everyone by February.

Apologies if I have missed someone, or have things wrong!!


Emmy: I’m still the same really, but hoping once the ice melts I can start building up running again! It’s the static bike and walks for me at the moment!

Rebecca: [Ran every day in December!!]: My right knee seems to be a tad niggly 🤕 think all my December running caught up with me!

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