The Run of the Week

With no training,  Groups 3/4/5 have come up with The Run of the Week.

Do it any time between Monday and the following Sunday. Post that you’ve done it, and, even better, post your time to your WhatsApp group and see how you compare with your fellow group runners.

Then next weekend another route will be published for the following week.

Run of Week from Jan 4

Start: Manchester Road roundabout
Up to Dean Row. Right
To roundabout R
Footpath alongside by-pass
Down steps
L Through underpass
L up Wilmslow Park
L Addlington Road
L Dean Row Road
L Pinewood Road
R Hazelwood Road
Continue down Cow Lane
R and R again through stile by the bridge and underpass and back to
Manchester Rd roundabout

Note as it is a circular run – you can choose your own start/finish location

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