Out and About

Dan has been blitzing through Oxford as usual. He’s the fastest by far on the Strava league. Brian has been mixing Fartlek and long runs. Huma has been paced by Qes and Shuttling slowly and Nose-ing about Teggs..

A lot of walking with families. Some chose Sundays for treadmills or for dropping cars off at the garage to get first in the queue for Monday – nice one Rebs.

I myself took on the NHS couch to 5k challenge (aka plan) and amazingly ended up with some 5ks by the time I got back home! Mind you 46:10 is nothing something to boast about. Oh yes it is!  Oh no it’s not!! One more week one session and onto week 2.  Mind you I ache quite a bit today.

Enough of me [for the moment]. GrahamD ran the Wilmslow park run but struggled to make the top 20. Mind you if you ever heard him at Karaoke you’d understand.  Jez was a one of the Sunday long runners. GrahamS ran VP number 31. Pity they wont count towards his T-Shirt. RichardH  went longer and agreed to so the Four Seasons run with young lady runner Claire. He didn’t know until too late that it wasn’t to the hotel but the weather they hit in the 2 .5 hour muddy run. That was her first long run since being injured in March. RichardC’s long run ended before 5k. Perhaps he was in a rush to get back for Sunday lunch.

Damian has had a busy week running at various venues. Occasionally chasing himself!  No wildlife for the Poynton HillBilly. But he did show young Andrew the new Summerfield’s 600 rep. Jarrod is busy swimming, running and cycling.

Lyme Park was a favourite place to go Jules local running track; especially this week. Others have been to Tatton and Dunham.

RichardL prefers the dark to do his running. Has been known to scare the ducks at black lake! Matt is another night runner has been out on starry nights looking for satellites too! While PaulG  prefers the light. Jan also  likes the Summerfield Path alongside the A34 bypass to do long reps.

Lots of you are doing your own reps, or rep’ing with a buddy.  Some like Jan are doing reps twice a week.  Speaking of Jan she managed 15k this weekend. Her injury must be getting better.

Mick has been doing bike rides and long runs at consistent pace. What a guy. Laura has been on her bike mostly this week but had an quick 10k and a chatty night run too. Mike checked his fitness with the Smokehouse 5k.

Rebecca is probably our busiest bee. With training clients, helping charity runners, to thriving at blood tests popping to the garage. Not to mention her zooms which you guys can do. PaulN has bimbled around and joined PaulG for a Lyme Park adventure.

Finally the WRC Strava League. Here:  Dan led  Rob and Graham in distance; Rob climbed higher than Ian and Jez; Rob also led on running time with Dan third.  But earth shattering news is that splitting them was Hipperty Hoppity!! After almost  a year of him doggedly propping up the league he rocketed into 2nd place! Investigations are in place after complaints from Republican front runners. It is believed that drugs may have been involved! More next week?

Longest run saw RichardH 25,2k nudge ahead of Graham S by 100m!!



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