Join the WRC Mob. Show your true colours

Hopefully you should all have received an eMail from Nick.  I reproduce it here for everyone.  If you missed the original event then you would be able to register and enter  and boost our numbers.

From CrazyLegs:



Hope you are all well and that the lockdowns are not playing too much havoc with your training. We’re looking at our 2021 calendar and working out how to deal with the uncertainty of how events will play out next year and we’re considering the idea of another Virtual Mob Match. There would be some tweaks to it to iron out some of the quirks and foibles, but it will be much the same principle. We’re reaching out to clubs to see if there is any appetite for another Match. We’ll be looking to  start on 9th January, through to the end of February, is this something that your club would be interested in taking part in? We’re looking to  host this one on Nifty’s platform which should put an end to the self-timing issues of last time.


Let Nick know if you are up for it.

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