T-Raining night popular. How’s the niggles?

Surely there are more of our members that are injured or on the road to recovery? It can’t  only  be  Bill and me? Is that a good title for a film?!!

Last night at training I heard whispers of injuries and recoveries. But at my age, and with a hat, a hoody and two waterproofs on – I couldn’t make a lot of words out.  So, you have  a couple of days  for you to let me know your injury/recovery status! Usual address grannanpm@gmail.com.

Not great weather last night. Luckily the rain stopped early.  Great turn out I think.

Groups 3/4/5  had 4 groups of 6 at the 700m Roy Pownall Road circuit – named after our long standing celebrity runner. It was Fully booked up  and they had to turn runners away!! So, book early for next week. Other groups

Group 1 chose Bramhall Park to do a couple of loops and some hill reps.

Group 2 were in two areas: the club track; and the Carrs   doing short and long reps– bet they got wet feet with the  flooded paths.

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