Out and About at the end of September

Who’s been out and about.

Jan has mixed cycling and running building up her distances 15k Sunday.

Tim climbing hills in out of the way places in Scotland. Even had time to take the ladies out for a splashing 10 miler this morning.

Currently Richard, Dan, Rob, Graham and Robin head the Strava league board.  Daniel has been getting the miles in around Oxford. I managed to run – a loose turn meaning to move forward faster than limping – on Wednesday between the hall the hills, the circuit and back to the car. I currently lead Damian on the leader board in penultimate position!! There’s something I never expected. Pity I couldn’t walk Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!

Markus was out with the Billies this week. He also took his dad out to the high peaks! Jez managed to Di out for run by the seaside! Well after stretching out with Jess earlier in the week – he had to do something!

AndrewC has been out and about. He reported to the track today to do some extra reps. Robin may have missed training, but he’s been out and about locally this week.

Though it looks like no one did the virtual London marathon, Richard did find time to run with someone that was running one in between his Sunday runs. Craig may been pacing someone else too!

A real marathon runner was at Coniston doing the Lakeland Trails Marathon. After preparation in Wales earlier in the week. I wish I could run 3:42 again!! He added ravens and dippers to hist list of birds he’s been chasing. Now I discover that GrahamS will do anything for a t-shirt. He completed his London Virtual run today with support from his good lady Janet. He did it his way – completing his 25th virtual parkrun the day before.

Training saw Group2 at the club doing Track loops of varying and descending distances: 1600 down to 200.  Groups 3to5 were up in Alderley with hill reps and circuits. Group3 were a little miffed in having to run more hills! Others ran laps at Jim Evison. Training must have been hard as Paul had to jet off to the Italian sun to recover.

The Marathon is now over – interesting Men’s race with a surprise at the end.

GrahamD managed to get out, exercise the dog and become a local legend this week. Tracy managed some 10ks after a bout of cold. Laura has kept mainly to cycling with the odd dip. Jarrod has kept mainly to swimming with cycling and the odd run and Tuesday training too. Mike has been out and about and managed a sub-20 Smokehouse 5k.

Rebecca is testing her foot out. Matt has managed training and a couple of runs. Pete had a good run to find a newsagent open up in the lakes.

Jill has managed 10 runs this week. Well done!!

Monday update.

I didn’t get back to post this yesterday. So WRC Strava League:  No change in distance where Richard led Dan and Rob. On time it was Rob, Richard and Dan. On climbing Rob was well ahead of Markus and Brian.

Apologies to many members that I have missed.

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