The lost riddle and take care

Training tonight.  Remember to keep in your group apart from other groups training.

The lost riddle from last week.  I have now found it. With the current showing of all the Bond films – I thought this one is  a good one for trainee spies to have a go at.

Under cover agent Noah Lukamee was asked to infiltrate a secret meeting.  He hid close to the building where the meeting was to be held – an old casino in a  dark area of the town..  A number of people came, knocked 3 on the door times, a shutter in the door opened and something was said. The door then opened and the person went in.

Noah crept closer to the door and hid behind a parked car.  He observed the next person to arrive. Three knocks. The shutter opened and “twelve” was said by the doorman. The man replied “six”. He was let in. Next up was a young lady. The same routine happened. The doorman said “Six”. The woman responded with “three”. She was allowed in. A third person arrived. “Ten” the doorman said. “Five” was the reply.  “Go away” said the doorman. The man left cursing himself. Muttering that he should have said three.

Noah smiled. Quickly approached the door and knocked 3 times. The shutter opened and the doorman said: “seventeen”.

What did Noah reply to gain admittance to the meeting?  Why?


And it’s not : “The names Bond. James Bond!!!”  😊

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