Riddle answer – snippets

I hope last night’s training went well.

Group 3/4/5 are doing the club run from the club Thursday at 6:30.

Having read that parkrun Global Chief Executive Officer Nick Pearson announced intent to resume parkrun events in England toward the end of October and thinking that would be I heard this morning’s government special that From Monday we should keep to groups of 6!!.  If what they will announce. There latest stance is:

We are aware of the new announcement made by the Government on reducing social gatherings from 30 to 6 people. This is due to come into force from Monday 14th September. We, and all other individual sports, are seeking clarification from Sport England and government on any potential implications for our current guidance. We are aware of the huge amount of work that has been done to ensure the safe return of our sport to activity, in both training and competition and we are communicating the strides taken and the benefits to continued safe activity. We will let the sport know as soon as we have an update.announcement

Answer to last week’s riddle.

Jules friend Poppy went to a Derbyshire horse farm looking to buy a horse. She didn’t. However she met another lady there –  Carol, who had arrived a few days earlier.

“Interestingly”, July said talking to her daughter later, “I have Just spoken to Poppy about her trip today and she said  something really strange that I didn’t understand. She said that: ‘Carol has only just ridden home from the farm today, Tuesday, although she had arrived 3 days before I did on Wednesday!’”

How did Carol manage to do that?

Sorry for making it too hard/easy/confusing.  I did it in a rush.  All the facts and dates were correct. Carol did leave that day [Tuesday]. She did arrive a few days earlier. And She did leave [Tuesday] –  riding her horse – called Wednesday!!

Cringe!  Anyway I’ll give you an easier ‘under cover spy’ challenge Friday.

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