Injury Update September

A  lot of people are injured but haven’t let me know!!

So the following might need a potential fake-news warning.Seems a lot of injuries are  self-inflicted: Carnival  Fields training the other week took out Peter and Poynton Pool saw off Roy.

One Nic has still an injured  Bollington Thursday Night ankle and is awaiting a physio or something. [Update – Ran Sunday , so may make training and do her own runs in the reps].  Matt hampered his recovery with a Bollin Tunnels reps the other week.

Not sure about Claire and her recovery [Couch to 5k]. Laura is doing rehab building things slowly up with  small reps.  Alan is  quietly beginning to run again.

Now for feedback:

Jan: doesn’t want to tempt fate but her  injury is much improved! It’s still a bit fragile on uneven ground, so I mustn’t get too excited[Shame! :()] and overdo things.

Update: Unfortunately Jan can’t resist temptation and has over excited herself and ankle with Sundays 9 mile Girlie run and will leave out off-roaders for the moment.

Bill: has had another zoom physio appointment last week and has more exercises to do.
Seems to be gaining strength around the pelvis and lower back and generally things seem to be improving and and feels well within myself.
“I can still jog but not stride or put any power into my running or do any distance.
I’ve another zoom physio appointment in two weeks.
Roll on the days when I can run properly again” [Hear Here]..

Jarrod: Basically, my hamstring tendinopathy recovery is going well. Did a Tuesday interval session that was a real tester- 1 mile reps with steep climb and got through it with only a mild reaction afterwards. I still need to limit the running; but just so happy I can do some and do stuff with others again.

Emmy: I saw the consultant again on 24th Aug and got a copy of my scans to take back to the physio, so going to try physio for a couple of months before trying an injection.

I have been doing a little bit of running, and on the bank holiday weekend managed two 8km walks in the lakes up and down hills in two days with minimal pain, so I am hopeful.

I need to work out if I could come back on Tuesdays and maybe reduce the number of reps I do whilst I build it back up. I feel like a full training session might be too much too soon!

Roy: Soreness in my right achilles tendon which started after sprints at Poynton Pool on the Tuesday followed by a run into Styal woods the following day.   I would like to think it was just overuse but I don’t think it was that so really don’t know what caused it.

It has eased off so I might try a jog tomorrow night.

Peter: Yes, I am another on the list of casualties. Tore my hamstring doing the final relay on the Carnival Fields. Definitely rates as one of my most painful injuries. Apparently a grade 2 tear whatever that means.

I did a slow jog last week which didn’t hurt but it feels very tight so concentrating on strengthening and stretching rather than running. Hope to start running again in another week or so.

Hippery-Hoppery:  Slightly worse than last month. Did have an MRI on calf!! Awaiting consultant phone call next week.  Physio not happy with my hip alignment, nor my limping!! Having concentrated on some strength exercise will attempt to run through the pain!!!

Did a 2 miler and then was sore for a week!! Gone back to the 750m circuit.

Update: Sorry War and Peace Chapter 3: Had my telephone consultation yesterday. Bit of a farce to start. The call was cancelled and rearranged twice. From 14:35 to 13:25 to 10:25.  Missus called me at 9:30 whilst I was in Peter Herd’s saying he had just called!!! Still he called back at 12:30.  Hip still knackered and needs replacing – but best done when I can’t manage the pain, as I want to still run!! Injection I can have – but he doesn’t think it will help. But saying that he did one on an ex-footballer and that guy said it was great and lasted 10 months. So if I want one he’ll do it. But beware reduced immunity. Needs a risk assessment and to understand covid risk and isolation/testing 3 days before and afterwards. X-Rays: yes hip knackered , knee ok-ish.  MRI Scan interesting. It shows something in my soleus, that’s S-O-L-E-U-S. Didn’t feel like telling him I knew what that was. Might be as of some injury in the past. Some Muscle now Fat .  Sounded like patria-apathy. Didn’t spell that for me. But said it two other times. Implied it can’t be undone. Asked for stretching and rebuilding – said wouldn’t work!! Surgery also wouldn’t be sensible as they’d go through my overlying deep calf muscle.  So to prove it I need blood tests.  Oh and by the way they were a couple of grey lines in my hips – might I have had some hair-line fractures sometime?  Couldn’t think of how that could have happened. But I can have a MRI now on my thighs and discuss things in a months time.  Amazing May 19 was when I went to the doctors and told them about my pain and asked for an MRI on my upper and lower leg!!!  Sorry for the length of the update. Still saved anyone getting bored with me by asking how I was and then wishing they were elsewhere after 10 minutes of being talked at!! 😊

By the way One opinion on muscle strains

    There is damage to individual muscle fibres (less than 5% of fibres). This is a mild strain which requires 2 to 3 weeks rest.
    There is more extensive damage, with more muscle fibres involved, but the muscle is not completely ruptured. The rest period required is usually between 3 and 6 weeks.
    This is a complete rupture of a muscle. In a sports person this will usually require surgery to repair the muscle. The rehabilitation time is around 3 months.



  1. What a continuing tale of woe Patrick. I do feel so sorry for you after all your marathon exploits. Keep smiling, if you can!

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