Training plus Strava

It looks like a wet day for running today.

After yesterday the WRC Strava League table changed and stood as such: Richard, Dan and then Rob popped up to take third on distance.  On Time Richard and Rob were way out in front. Markus was third.  On Climbing, Mountain Man and Lone Ranger Rob was a mile in front of Brian. Ian was third. Riddle Answer tomorrow. Will be disappointed if Julie and the Horse Whisperers don’t get it!!

Training Update from Nick:

With nights closing in, we are returning to winter training week effective from: Tuesday 22nd September…6.45 at the Club.

Covid has not gone away, and I have some general guidelines that I prepared in June.

My suggestions and happy to hear your thoughts. Similarly, anyone not happy with the below, from a personal Covid aspect, please let me know. If any of the medics amongst the membership have views, please also share your thoughts…I am using EA guidelines.

  1. We have always enjoyed and benefited from the one club philosophy of training together.
  2. In the short term the summer plan has worked well.
  3. The Club is deemed Covid secure…A private club…but…
    1. We need to have a log of all that attend
    2. Maximum Groups of 12…but no limit to numbers of groups…We still need to be sensible in each group…Likeise each group to distance themselves from each other
  4. To facilitate (3), please update your Group Leaders each week if you are coming to training (3a).
  5. The session plan will be prepared by myself and shared with the Group Leaders each week to help with (3b).
  6. In the short term, we wont be using the changing rooms
    1. I will speak with Paul Norris on his return about a full steam clean and the general cleaning arrangements
  7. I am speaking with Paul Sanders about any restoratory work to the trail.

From a general point of view…

  1. Hi Viz tops needed
  2. The bar is back open on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  3. New gates are being fitted at the club entrance. We aware if you are coming down. We may need to park on Kings road over the next week or so.

If anything obvious comes to mind, or missed, please let me [Nick] know.

Thanks all.



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