New EA Guidelines

Hi Everyone,

Great to see you all out about training in recent weeks…Similarly looking so fit and healthy.

Let’s now go and win the Virtual Mob Match!

My thanks to all our Group Leaders who have helped to making training possible in recent weeks.

I want to clarify the current situation, as there has been confusion to the new EA Guidelines issued last week.  I have been in touch with Martin Rush (Head of Coaching and Athlete Development EA)…Martin has been involved in the process and I have shared webinars with him recently.


  • If in a Club setting, and with own facilities (Covid Compliant), you can now have unlimited numbers…One coach per 12. Two metres distancing and Covid best practice/common sense etc. There is some more detail around Covid secure environments – pre registration and self-assessment and adherence to all the cleaning, hygiene and social guidance but essentially yes and the coaching number is standard practice.  Naturally, our ethos is around training as one Group. This can currently only happen if the Club is used, and the above provisos.
  • Training away from the Club, be that Tuesday reps or Thursday/Sunday runs. You  can have more than groups of 6 BUT the general public isn’t accepting of that because they aren’t aware of the updated guidance which talks about Covid secure environments.  To make an open run Covid secure you would still need to do pre-register, self-assessment, standard risk assessment of a route plus making people aware of pinch points and potential public connection points but as the guidance suggests you can make a more open activity Covid secure.  The issue is the general public don’t know that is allowed.  EA at this point in time suggest maintaining a 6 or groups of 6 wherever possible.

You may not agree, but my note is simply updating on the current situation and “from the horse’s mouth”!

Come mid-September, we would need to be back at the Club anyway due to light conditions and the regulations may then have also changed.

Interested in your thoughts on phasing back our normal training at the Club…That will happen, just a question of when!


Thanks all.

Best regards,





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