Positive Mental Attitude – the rationale and some science too!

Last week I published a link to Nick’s article on  The ‘Conditioning  Triangle’ he wrote for Run Britain.  It was the second in his series. So for continuity – albeit it’s a bit of dis-Continuity order-wise! – below is a link to his first. Anyway intro…

As the government has  started to ease lockdown,  to structured training and we may soon have the opportunity to gradually return to racing.

With that in mind, now is an ideal time to think about the mental side to our performance.

With improved knowledge and the science, you can build a clear focus of what you want to achieve as you return to group training and racing.

The Mental Approach…the saying 90% attitude and 10%ability really reminds us of the truth!

You can have all the knowledge in the world about the correct approach to training but if you do not believe in what you are doing and with a clear goal of what future success looks like, everything is wasted!

Our attitude is the biggest single factor in everything that we achieve in life…It transcends ability…Yet the strange thing is that we get to choose our attitude!

Nick Bishop

Click here for the link to his article.


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