Thursday’s Runs

Dear WRC member

We’ll restart the Thursday runs as planned at 7 p.m. tomorrow from the Club.  It’s a welcome resumption of activities but these are still not normal times and we need to be aware of EA guidelines and public perception.  In particular, we’ll need to observe the following:

– Strictly groups of 6 or less at all times.  EA guidance is still that group members should be 2 metres apart and cautions against forming larger social groups before or after the event

– A staggered start between groups, faster groups going first.  We need to avoid groups bunching together. If there are lots of us, we can have different groups doing different routes if necessary.

– Consideration for other path users.  Pathways are busier and people react to groups of runners in a variety of ways!  It’s always best to smile, give way if necessary and retain the moral high ground

– Caution using social media (including Strava) for group photos.  Anything which appears to show a group larger than six or group members less than 2 metres apart should not be posted

– We  cannot use indoor spaces, so the changing rooms are not available for changing or showers.

None of that should stop us from enjoying our fabulous Thursday summer routes again.  It’s a hot one tomorrow, so keep well hydrated during the day.  If you’re joining us, see you tomorrow at 7 p.m.


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