Training Update

Delighted to be able to update on training…This is specific to Tuesday sessions.

Paul Norris is picking up Thursday’s and Kate Sutton Sunday’s.


Tuesday Training (wef 23rd June)

In putting this plan together we have to be mindful of Covid 19 regulations and EA adaptions to this.

  1. Communication will be via WhatsApp Groups. If you are not on the Club Groups, I urge you to do, so as not to miss out.
    1. Group One WhatsApp: Andrew Whittingham  (Rob Downs coordinating training)
    2. Group Two WhatsApp: Richard Harrison who is also coordinating training.
    3. Group Three/Four WhatsApp: Jan Wyles & Kate Sutton (Nicky & Roy coordinating training)
  2. Cat has also suggested a Retirees Group, who can train during the day…Contact Cat for more info.
  3. Coordinators will update regards Tuesday training via WhatsApp. If you are intending to train, please let the Co-ordinators know.
    1. Training will still meet at the Club @ 6.45, unless otherwise advice (except Retirees Group)
    2. The car park is open…The gates are loosely chained. Last one to leave, secures the gates
    3. Changing rooms currently not in use
    4. The Club is hoping to re-open mid-July…Rusty and Fran have left. We will have a new steward and Catering Manager
    5. Wilmslow Striders have advised us that they are using Jim Evison fields each week. This does not preclude us, but it’s an awareness of Groups & numbers.
  4. The maximum that we are allowed in each Group is six.
    1. EA guidelines does allow for double bubbles (twelve), but they must operate as a two distinct Groups…They can train at the same venue but must stay apart…i.e. Track clubs would have one group on one side of the track using designated lanes, the other on the other side etc. The club reputation is very important…We must adhere to this.
  5. Naturally it is best that we have LIRFs in each Group…We have Roy, Nicky, Kate, Sally Price, Don, Tim, Rebecca and Nick Jackson.
    1. Andy Watts and Jeremy are also LIRFs…I am checking their availability.
    2. I will attend whichever Groups need me and rotate each week
  6. Coordinators and LIRFs with assistance as needed from myself will set the sessions.
  7. All LIRFs and myself have a “Coach WhatsApp Group to co-ordinate Tuesday training.


The ethos of our Club has always been one of togetherness, but with the Covid issues in place, we believe that this is the best first step towards resuming Tuesday training.

If you are not in a Group WhatsApp, I would urge you to contact those mentioned in (1).


Best regards,


Club Coach & Secretary

Wilmslow Running Club

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