Call for articles and poems or favourite races


Can I please get some of you guys out of your running shoes and back at your PCs/Laptops!! 🙂  We have over 100 members but such a very few want to contribute to the website.  Surely there must be some runners who have a favourite race, or their best; that can tells us about it. We have 7 out of 100.  Next week is the Poets week.  Only 3 responses to date.  And as for asking for your top 3 running tracks – whether to jog to, train to or race to. It seems I am the only one who runs to music.  So let’s have a team effort.

And in preparation for next week I’ll start with Nick’s ditty on Team

Running is a solo thing
Yet each of us create a team
Fast or slow is not the thing
With smiles on faces do we beam
As each of us run together
We come together as a team
Hard or tough off we go
No one worries fast or slow
We all run solo but as a team


It only took him 2 minutes to write.  So please have a go – you can remain anonymous if you want.


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