COVID-19 (Coronovirus)

Dear WRC member

We are mindful of our duty as a club to keep members safe whilst participating in club activities.

We are currently following national and UKA guidelines for the management of COVID-19 (Coronovirus).  These can be found at

In the light of these guidelines, we will continue to hold Tuesday and Thursday sessions unless and until advised otherwise.  These are currently considered low risk for spreading infection, and we are keen to preserve something we all love for as long as we can.  In order to do so, we are asking members to observe the following guidelines:

  • Please don’t feel pressured to attend events if you don’t want to
  • If you have a cough or fever then you must not attend club and should follow government guidelines for self-isolation.  If anyone did attend with such symptoms we would be obliged to send them home
  • If you have an underlying health condition such as asthma or an immune-compromised condition it may be sensible to avoid large gatherings or close contact with other athletes
  • Please follow government guidelines about washing hands, particularly prior to a training session.  Please be aware that others might be uncomfortable regarding physical contact, hand shaking, high fives etc
  • The showers are cleaned weekly but are not deep cleaned.  If you have an underlying health condition, please be aware that this may present a greater risk

We’ll make decisions about the Summer Series according to how the situation evolves.

Please feel free to email me ( if you have any questions or concerns.

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