Valley Lodge Trail Race – December 27 2019

Results from Ian. Running time is finishing time minus handicap:

1Damian Nicholls44:25
2Barry Archbold44:30
3Rob Downs45:19
4Jim Pendrill46:17
5Andrew Whittingham46.40
6Tim Billington48:13
7Nicola Reece49:14
8Matt Taylor50:02
9Louisa Whittington51:07
10Rebecca Jackson51:54
11Richard Harrison52:00
12Mike Hill52:12
13Richard Lawson52:42
14Robin Hall52:56
15Sharon Johnstone53:40
16Paul Norris53:59
17Di McVey54:01
18Jonathan Dunkley54:55
19Trevor Morris54:55
20Peter Speake55:49
21Sally Price55:58
22Janine Ellis56:37
23Johnny Stott (Bradbury)57:37
24Peter Bream58:20
25Amanda Bradbury59:06
26Mark Crossland1:00:23
27Ian Roberts1:00:29
28Nicky Mowat1:00:30
29Alan Turner1:02:01
30Nic Brancaccio (Turner)1:02:19
31Kathryn Patrick1:03:48
32Janet Wyles1:04:09
33Chris Cannon1:04:19
34John Porteous1:05:17
35Catherine Mellor1:08:31
36Liz Mann Mowat1:08:41
37Charlotte MacDonald1:09:52
38Ian Ashcroft1:13:48
39Roy Pownall1:18:50
40Colin Faulkner1:28:51
41Adam Faulkner1:28:51
42Trevor Faulkner1:32:20

I don’t have start times for Zoe, Joe, Ellen or Juliet


  1. I know it doesn’t matter but…!! I set off a bit late and ran actually 46.40. Louisa harder to calculate as she started very late and missed the lap of the track but I would say she ran about the same time as me and that’s with adding on time for the missed tack lap!! Totally my fault we both set off late as I didn’t read the email properly. All the fun of the handicap though. It was a great morning and lovely lunch Cheers again Ian & Trevor 🙂

  2. Jan, could you please take 5 minutes and 3 seconds off my time which should put me 1 second ahead of Ian?!? Thanks, Roy x

  3. Nice try Roy 😉

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