Club Christmas Handicap 2019 – Sue Hool Trophy – updated

A great turnout today for the annual handicap race and Trevor’s 1000th race celebration. Well done all, especially¬† to the 2019 winner – Tim!

Hard luck Peter.  You chose a good handicap to come home first!


Thanks to Ian for organising, and all the other helpers today.  Ian advises that the Valley Lodge Trail result will follow (your time on the course, which is the below minus your handicap).

Finish PositionNameTime from StartSue Hool Trophy Position
1Peter Bream1:25:35
2Tim Billington1:28:501
3Nicola Reece1:29:162
4Alan Turner1:29:313
5Nic Brancaccio (Turner)1:29:49
6Matt Taylor1:30:134
7Ellen Downs1:30:32
8John Porteous1:30:565
9Sally Price1:31:076
10Janet Wyles1:31:247
11Barry Archbold1:31:31
12Andrew Whittingham1:31:45
13Johnny Stott (Bradbury)1:31:51
14Nicky Mowat1:31:548
15Chris Cannon1:32:019
16Jim Pendrill1:32:0110
17Paul Norris1:32:0411
18Trevor Faulkner1:32:2012
19Richard Lawson1:32:2613
20Rebecca Jackson1:32:31
21Ian Roberts1:32:4414
22Rob Downs1:32:5215
23Jonathan Dunkley1:32:55
24Kathryn Patrick1:32:5916
25Janine Ellis1:33:1217
26Amanda Bradbury1:33:20
27Mark Crossland1:33:3018
28Liz Mann (Mowat)1:33:41
29Juliet Downs1:34:37
30Louisa Whittington1:34:47
31Richard Harrison1:35:1719
32Robin Hall1:35:3420
33Sharon Johnstone1:35:5221
34Mike Hill1:35:5222
35Roy Pownall1:36:4423
36Catherine Mellor1:30:2524
37Damian Nicholls1:34:0925
38Charlotte MacDonald1:37:34
39Ian Ashcroft1:38:4826
40Trevor Morris1:38:4927
40Di McVey1:38:49
41Peter Speake1:44:33
42Colin (Faulkner)2:03:06
43Adam (Faulkner)2:03:06


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  1. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement, messages of support, and the card and bottle today. They are much appreciated. The main conclusion from my analysis of my own performance over the years is that you can restrict speed decline to 2% p.a. into the 70s. You can also improve again after a significant injury, but it is unlikely that you will get back to your previous speed level: it is a negative ratchet effect. So, please all stay injury-free in 2020! It is definitely worth slowing up for a while rather than risk tearing a ham string. Best wishes, Trevor.

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