Wilmslow Running Festival – Your club needs you.

Dear Members of WRC,

It’s time to turn our attention to the Wilmslow Running Festival 2020 – that’s where We, the Hockey Club and the Rugby Club make an important contribution to our income.

The Wilmslow Running Festival is supported by volunteers and all of the surplus above cost goes back into the local sporting community. We will also help generate a substantial amount for charity, in particular The Christie and Supportability (previously Stockport Cerebral Palsy), so it’s worthy of your support on many levels.

The race market has become very attractive to a number of commercial companies and we’re having to work harder than ever to grow our numbers. On the 15th March we will be sandwiched by a number of new events. So we’ve jazzed up our branding, revitalised our social media and will soon be tackling our website. This is all done on a shoestring and volunteer basis to minimise the cost of the event and maximise the return to Clubs. We’re relying on our Club members to help us to recruit runners for the event.

We’re also working hard to transform our event into something that justifies its place at the top of the north west league: we now have 3 events (1/2 M, 10k and Fun Run), a Festival Village and will be introducing lots of new features in 2020 to make it a special day for competitors and supporters alike.

We’ll keep you all up to date but our first request is for everyone to go into the WRF Facebook page and share it with all of their members, then retweet on Twitter and share on Instagram.

We have leaflets, which we’ll leave in the changing rooms for you to take into work and hand out to friends and families who would love to be involved!

Let’s make this a big WRC team effort. The other Clubs will be doing their bit too.

Original details from Cat here WRFC 2020



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