Club Handicap- Predicted Times

Predicted Times*

Everyone is welcome to run, if you are not included above email, we’ll sort out a start-time

Handicaps will be calculated from the predicted times once we have a better idea who is running

PredictedName PredictedName 
41:18Damian Nicholls55:50Laura Fairhurst
41:18Richard Coen55:53Sally Price
43:29Rob Downs56:47Tracy Bown
44:01Malcolm Fowler57:55Craig Hunt
44:46Andrew Cleal57:55Mark Crossland
44:57Robert Jackson57:58Oliver Johnstone
45:18Jim Pendrill58:01Colin Waltonrunning
45:40James Speedie58:48Ian Roberts
46:40Claire Clancy58:59Kate Sutton
46:48Gareth Read59:13Gareth Trimble
47:08Trevor Morris59:38Nicky Mowat
47:22Mike Hill59:46Angela McCarthy
47:45Richard Harrison1:00:24Nicola Coppockworking
48:08James MacDonald1:01:51Kathryn Patrick
48:24Robin Hall1:02:35Catriona Marshallrunning
48:31Jarrod Homer1:02:39Leigh Hughes
48:50Sharon Johnstone1:03:17Patrick Grannan
49:15Graham Duce1:03:20Chris Cannonwill guide
49:22Nick Jackson1:03:32Alan Turner
50:25Tim Billington1:03:47Janet Wyles
50:51Matt Taylor1:04:08Rachael Peers
51:00Nicola Reece1:04:33Jamie Smith
51:18Richard Lawson1:05:23Emily Moss
51:23Stacey Rankin1:05:23Sue Strang
52:14Paul Garnett1:05:23John Porteous
52:57Paul Norris1:06:02Ian Ashcroftrunning
53:33Louisa Harrison1:09:05Julie Lucas
53:37Julian Stott1:09:09Catherine Mellor
53:49Diane Bygraveaway1:13:08Roy Pownall
54:13Andy Watts1:16:45Don Bullough
54:27Janine Ellis1:31:02Trevor Faulknerrunning
54:38Colin Caisleyto be calculatedAmanda Bradburyrunning with Jos
54:57Ian Smallwoodto be calculatedZoe Eyrerunning with Joe
to be calculatedBarry Archboldrunning

* based upon 2019 race times


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