Training: XC’s coming! – 5th October; Macc anyone?

The XC season fast approaches, and I[Nick]  am looking to include an extra training session on Saturday 5th October. The challenge is that it is the day before The Congleton Half. Venue tbc, but either it will be Alderley Edge or Poynton Pool which we used last year.

In terms of the XC, if you ran last year, Andrew & Janine will include you in the entries. Newer members, we would love to have you run! Please let Andrew and Janine know.  The League website is here…

I have also made enquiries about use of the track at Macclesfield. Its either a Monday or Wednesday. My thinking is some 200m/400m stride outs, and then a “Magic mile”…How fast can you run a track mile!

Please let Nick know about

  • 5th October
  • and Monday or Wednesday – interest and preference; and magic mile opportunity


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