1. Thanks Patrick, excellent report as always. I should point out that Alan’s was allegedly bitten by a dog at South Manchester hence the relatively slow time. However the post race inquest was unable to verify this.

  2. Thanks Patrick for another great report. I just wanted to congratulate you on your run yesterday at Fletcher Moss ParkRun. Given where you have been that was an excellent performance. Long may the improvement continue!
    John – Alan bitten by a dog?!? No sign of it today as he emerged from the pool at the Leisure Centre in the Wilmslow Triathlon in what can only be described as a rather natty Tri-costume!!

  3. Thanks guys! We’ll monitor Alan for drugs then this weekend. I Feel like taking over as Lanterne Rouge runner for the club. It Was a good feeling Saturday , but sore this week. Bed might win this Saturday!

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