EA Marathon Club Team Championships 6th October at Chester

As mentioned at training ..

EA are holding Marathon Team Champs at The MBNA Chester Marathon (6th October)

It looks like we would need to field…

B Group (100-175 registered runners) – 4 men, 3 women to score

Expressions of interest are needed by 31st July…Let Paul/Nick know … more details below

England Athletics are pleased to announce the addition of the inaugural All England Marathon Club Team Championships to the autumn road running competition programme. This championship event aims to provide club runners the with opportunity to compete against one another as a single club unit at the popular MBNA Chester Marathon on Sunday 6th October 2019. Club runners of all abilities will be able to contest for a national team title in a mixed team format. Affiliated Clubs will compete in one of three categories depending on the size of their club. England Athletics will present medals & trophies to the top three clubs in each of the categories, providing clubs both large and small the chance to become national champion title winners.

Clubs may encourage as many runners as they like to compete. Teams will be scored using a cross-country scoring system with points being awarded to the scoring runners as per their male and female finishing positions. The first complete teams in each group with the lowest scores will be declared the winners subject to UK competition rules. However, as in cross-country, non-scoring club runners will also impact on the overall team positions by pushing back scoring runners from other clubs and so all competing club runners potentially impact on the team results.

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