Round the Runway 5 – 2019

Another great year thanks to flight operations controller Rob… Some supersonic performances from WRC, well done all. Thanks to Tim B for the capturing the take-off picture (notice the group levitation in this picture!)

5Andrew Cleal29:42
6Robert Jackson29:43
10Jim Pendrill30:05
15James Speedie30:24
16Claire Clancy30:281st Lady
21Gareth Read31:03
22Trevor Morris31:30
24Richard Harrison31:41
25Mike hill31:43
31Jarrod Homer31:30
33Nick Jackson32:26
37Stuart Parrott33:25
46Richard Lawson34:20
53Paul Garnett34:46
58Julian Stott35:06
60Jon Bale35:09
66Paul Norris35:24
68Janine Ellis35:41
76Sally gilliver36:21
96Tracy Bown37:40
112Frances Jackson38:27
130Mark Crossland39:24
163Kathryn Patrick41:46
170Jan Wyles42:22
173Rachael Peers42:33
183Ian Ashcroft43:00
197Emily Moss43:54
216Julie Lucas44:41


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