Christmas Handicap – Thursday December 27 2018

Ian writes:

Please see provisional start times below, we are still awaiting a number of replies

SH  indicates that runner has completed 3 club races so eligible for Sue Hool trophy (not possible to produce accurate handicaps for those who have run less than 3).

If you have replied ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ and are not on the list, could you please resend.

Please feel free to complain if you think I have done you an injustice and I will check my figures.

Provisional start times, we are still awaiting a number of replies

forecast time *start times
Trevor Faulkner1:24:2909:48:00
Don Bullough1:13:0610:00:00
Roy PownallSH1:09:0410:04:02
Peter Watson1:07:3310:05:32
Julie LucasSH1:05:4810:07:18
Simon FentonSH1:04:0410:09:02
Ian AshcroftSH1:03:5910:09:07
Rachael PeersSH1:02:3410:10:32
Chris CannonSH1:00:2010:12:46
Mark CrosslandSH1:00:1010:12:56
Alan TurnerSH58:5110:14:15
John PorteousSH58:4810:14:18
Janet WylesSH58:4310:14:22
Nicola CoppockSH58:0810:14:58
Ian RobertsSH58:0310:15:03
Nicky MowatSH56:4610:16:19
Patrick GrannanSH56:0510:17:01
Sally Gilliver54:2810:18:38
Louisa HarrisonSH52:3710:20:29
Paul NorrisSH51:3410:21:32
Richard LawsonSH50:4410:22:22
Markus Dalgaard49:0010:24:06
Robert Wilson48:5910:24:07
Pete Stock48:4010:24:25
Jarrod HomerSH48:2610:24:40
Graham DuceSH48:0210:25:04
Mike HillSH47:4510:25:20
Trevor MorrisSH46:4010:26:26
Malcolm Fowler46:2110:26:45
Andrew WhittinghamSH43:2610:29:39
Peter SpeakeSH42:2010:30:46
Rob Downs41:5110:31:15
Ellen Downs
Julie Downs
Richard Hirons

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