Club Race Series 2018 – Final Table

The Series drew to a close with Andrew regaining the title he previously won, I think, two years ago.
James, long time leader, made a valiant attempt but was pipped by 697 points to 696.
Jim, another previous winner came back from a year of injury for third and last year’s winner, Diane was fourth as well as taking the Ladies prize.
The doctors, despite their various injuries took the next three places; Tim, Jarrod and Matt (Dr. Speake’s injury limited him to three races).
Allan was eight, Paul ninth and Graham 10th.
35 completed the 7 qualifying races with Roy carrying the laterne rouge.
Janine was second lady with Louisa third. The proportion of lady finishers has steadily increased and this year was just under 40%.
Unsurprisingly the top ten in League one were identical to the main table. Louisa was 11th. and Richard 12th.
Paul, showing almost full recovery from his broken heart won League 2. Richard was level on points but Paul won the tie-break 8 -7 on race wins. Janine was third, Diane fourth then Ian, Gareth, Mark and Tony.
Colin, only promoted from League 4 last year, won League 3 but Patrick pushed him hard. A late surge from Nicky took her to third. John, who has been around a year or two, took fourth ahead of Nicola, a debut season which promises more. A re-born Kate was followed by a rarely fully-fit Chris. Jan and Cat had their moments but could never quite string the good results together.
Catherine simply outclassed the rest of League 4. Ian, with 21 races, found substituting quantity for quality can have its rewards. Sue was the League’s second-best runner but whooping-cough pushed her down a place. Si’s nerve problem increasingly destroyed his season. For Julie the Series is light relief between her ultras and her score does not reflect her ability. Roy, for whom it looked all over three years ago, is back.

Age Category winners:-
SF Rachael Peers
F35 Catherine Mellor
F40 Diane McVey
F45 Janine Ellis
F50 Catriona Marshall
F55 Nicky Mowat

SM Allan McCormick
M40 Matt Taylor
M45 Andrew Whittingham
M50 Tim Billington
M55 Paul Garnett
M60 Paul Norris
M65 Patrick Grannan
M70 Tony Hulme
M75 Trevor Faulkner

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  1. Great roundup Ian, thanks! I must try harder… next year 🙂 well done to all our winners

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