Yarrow River 10k Trail

Club Race Series – race 6
Sunday May 6th.

The forecast, 23 deg, suggested we were going to get a taster of London Marathon conditions. In reality, the majority of the route is through woods, with plenty of shade and a 10am start also helped. The organisers described the course as ‘technical’; a euphemism for twisty, muddy with lots of tree roots. Tim came to grief.

Those who ran last year enthused, hence its inclusion this year. It’s a great course, we tend to be blasé about races that are ‘only’ 10k but apart from being ‘technical’ it was never flat, always up or down, not a race where you can find a rhythm and go with it. The legs at the end felt that they had done more than 10k. River crossings at 8.5k and 9.5k add interest, there was advice to bring a change of clothes but it was calf rather chest deep, although slippery enough for the girl next to me to take the plunge.

Matt leads League One, but his 9th. place took him to his first Wilmslow victory of the year. Second was Jarrod in 18th. place. Paul was 35th. and second V60 (2 seconds behind the first). Louisa was 51st. It was not Tim’s day.

Highlight was the Ladies winning the team prize. Amanda was our first and the race’s 5th. lady and first over 40, Louisa was 8th. Nicky was 17th. and the first over 55.

Paul and Richard, in 26th. and 27th. , competed to win League Two. Paul won-out and also took second V55. Ian edged-out Amanda for third. Tony, first over 70, was next.

Patrick, first over 65, won League Three from Nicky, followed by John. Not the type of race at which Jan excels.

If, as it was said, Catherine had driven from Wales for the race and was driving back for the Bank Holiday, she truly earned her 5th. win out of 5 races in League Four. She was followed by Sue. Julie, despite having run Buxworth in the week and 3 Peaks the day before, beat Ian. Trevor found it warm but was 20 minutes ahead of the backmarkers.

Bolton Wanderers’ critical home match caused traffic disruption on the way home. It is only a few years ago I saw them beat City at the Etihad but today they were only saved by two goals in the last three minutes from being relegated to the third tier. Something of a diversion, my point is that it would be helpful to have feedback as the whether people feel the quality course justifies a longish travelling time (for us 50 mins. there, 70 back).

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  1. Sounds a great race. Pity its not nearer. Hope you recover soon Tim. Thanks for the write up Ian. Its great to read write ups when I’ve not been able to get there myself, keeps me in touch. 🙂 Carolyn

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