Wed April 11th.

This fast flat course along country lanes has featured often in the summer series and for me it heralds Spring is upon us. Though it has been bitingly cold in the past, this year it was just right for running. Julie and I made the trip having been warned of surface water and mud on the roads. Warming up we spotted Tony very much in the zone. There was indeed a large puddle across the road after half a mile where everyone shunted into each other, and miles three to four were covered in mud. After the finish, Julie and I debated with Tony at length how much we had lost and agreed ten seconds would cover it!
Tony had set a target of breaking 37 minutes and was concerned he may have missed it – a great run he dipped under by two seconds. I had gone to beat last year’s time which I did but thought I had gone faster. Julie is all Duracell and can run very long distances with apparent ease but she admits this has a negative effect on her speed. She set out to break 45 minutes which she did with 25 seconds to spare.
Tony was first V70 in a quality field. I got back to my car, checked my phone and was down as second V75, so drove home even less happy. But on checking the results to compile this piece I note the guy from Helsby who had won now appears to have shed around forty years. It comes to those who wait!

1st 25.39 Matthew Sheen Vale Royal.
18th 28.41 Amanda Crook Southport Waterloo
157 36.58 Tony Hulme 1st V70
276 42.26 Simon Fenton 1st V75
313 44.35 Julie Lucas
388 ran.

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  1. Great report and well done Si and Tony on your wins! Jan

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