Club Series – after 3 races

Tony may not be organising his ‘Summer Series’ this year but the idiosyncrasies he built-in remain. So, Ian, having finished last in two of the three races, is top of the league. This is a result of the parkrun mini-series. Ian is one of three to have completed a mini-series. Richard Lawson, in 4th. place, and Colin in 7th., are the others, neither ran at Crewe.
A more rightful claim to leadership might come from Matt, who has the highest points score of those who have run all three races. However, since he was beaten by Jim at Radcliffe, Richard Coen at Poynton and Andrew at Crewe, maybe we should see one of these as our standard bearer. But one swallow does not make a summer, whilst one of the three might emerge, as favourite, as the competition progresses and they get a couple more wins under their belt, we are not there yet.
The early-season positions might be thought as distant from the truth as algorithms used by the social media corporations whereby the one that comes top of their list just happens to be the one out of which they make the most profit. Thus my, totally unbiased, conclusion has to be that, currently, Ian is the club’s best runner. Of course a charm of the Series is that whilst, in the early stages, everyone has a chance, as Summer turns to Autumn, inevitably, the cream finds its way to the top.
Tim is second to Matt of those who have run all three followed by Richard, Paul Garnett, Amanda, Colin, John and Simon.
Andrew, with a first and a second, leads the 9 who have run two races from Paul Norris, Gareth and Janine.
The three races have also produced three different lady winners; Amanda at Radcliffe, Sharon at Poynton and Diane at Crewe. Amanda leads the table from Janine, Nicky and Catherine.
League One reads Matt, Tim, Andrew, Paul.
League Two is Richard, Paul, Amanda, Janine
League Three is Colin, John, Patrick, Nicky
League Four is Ian, Simon, Catherine, Rachael.
It was not the way Jan and I had planned it but Whitley will give us our third successive 10k, at least all have been different, a bit of up and down next week. It would seem there are still room for late entries.

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