Air Products 10k, Crewe Cheshire Grand Prix and 2018 Race Series 3

Ian says:

Air Products 10k, Crewe
Cheshire Grand Prix
2018 Race Series, race 3
Sunday April 1st.

Holidays and family commitments make Easter Sunday difficult for some people. Our Grand Prix teams were both below strength, we will have to await the results to see if other clubs were similarly disadvantaged.

Despite a more considerate start-time than last Sunday, it felt cooler than it looked, actually 5o, with a bit of bite in the wind, but I’m fussing, it was dry and these were good running condition. Crewe is touted as a fast, PB course although scoring a little low on artistic merit. The course has changed since I last ran, a wiggly, part off-road, bit through what was described as the woods and a longer finishing straight.

Star of the day, not for the first time was Diane, the winning lady.

Wilmslow number one was Andrew, who was 12th., Di was 15th., Matt 50th., Tim 67th. and Paul Norris 93rd.

Three races this year, three different winners, bodes well.

Louisa was our second lady followed by Amanda, Sally, Janet, Catherine and Sue.

Paul Garnett won League Two from Amanda, Sally and Gareth.

A three-way race for the League Three prize. Jan set the pace, but without ever breaking away. Alan, in his first race for nearly 2 years tracked John, they battle it out most weeks at Wilmslow parkrun. Giving up cheese for Lent paid-off for Al, he passed John, who did not know he was there but was, in any case, spent in the final 50m for 59 points. Only 14 seconds separated the three. 60 points for Jan, in her first season after being promoted from League Four. Chris was buoyed by an untouchable first half at Everton but in the end had to give best to Catherine.

Catherine, who is starting to look a bit good for us, shot off from the start. Sue also made a quickish start, but she has been known to fade in the latter stages. At Poynton, I had tucked-in behind Simon and moved passed him in the second half, a good tactic in theory but this was a course better-suited to him and he simply ran away from me. I harboured hope of Sue coming back to me but I never saw her and she just, 8 seconds, sustained her lead over Simon, who nevertheless won his age category.

I heard the letters ‘P.B’ thrown about at the end, I think one was Catherine, could others forego their modestly and respond.

Support and photos from Elspeth.


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  1. Great report Ian. thank you.
    I was pleased just to compete again and my two 5K PB’s of the year.

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