2018 Series Update

Dear All,

We’ve made a couple of changes to the race series.

Firstly, the rescheduled Trafford 10k, which was postponed due to snow, clashes with the 20 Mile Cheshire Grand Prix race in September. You may recall that our policy this year is to prioritise CGP races and avoid clashes. However, after a debate, we’ve decided that it would be unfair to pull Trafford out of the series, having encouraged people to book on it. Also we consider that the South Cheshire 20 mile CGP race will be quite specialised for those endurance athletes amongst us, hopefully we can get a good representation from the club.

In the spirit of compromise, both races stay in however we will apply the ‘Bluebell’ solution. Both races counting for the Series but the Grand Prix 20-miler taking precedence, so that, for instance, if 12 do the 20-miler then the first at Trafford would count as 13th. and get 88 points.

Secondly, the wrong Race the Train was in the schedule, note that it is the Bury race in June that is intended. The race schedule will be updated. Apologies for any issues caused, we appreciate that there are a lot of races in June…. as Tony used to say, maybe its time to get strategic about which races you pick!

So there is an over-subscription of 10k races in the early schedule. We took the decision we needed to go early to avoid races filling-up but were ‘done’ by the Grand Prix adding two more 10ks and clashing with 3 of our off-road choices which we then had to drop. Staffordshire Moorlands are yet to announce their dates and we’re hoping that Tittesworth and Roaches will fall nicely for us. If you spot any similar local races in our quiet months then drop us a line.

See the updated schedule:
2018 Race Series

Ian and Jan

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  1. Thanks Jan & Ian. Can’t be easy pleasing everyone. Choosing races is a better idea than trying to complete them all…. Thanks again Carolyn

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