parkrun4 competition (July-Dec) – update

Excellent run by Sharon at Wilmslow took her into second place, but Roy retained his position at the top of the table.

Catherine drops to third. Stephen and Christian, despite their runs at Bramhall and Stretford, fall to fourth and fifth.

Tony at Burnage moves above Chris who topples down to 7th.

Trevor at Wythenshawe advances to split Ian and Simon, whilst Jan, who was also at Wythenshawe moves up next to them.

Ian Smallwood, at Burnage, moved-up to 15th.


parkrun 4scores
Roy Pownall97.0%95.2%94.5%94.1%
Sharon Johnstone100.9%100.3%98.9%98.4%
Catherine Mellor101.1%99.8%99.6%99.4%
Stephen Feber101.4%101.0%100.3%98.7%
Christian Hook102.0%99.6%99.3%96.6%
Tony Hulme103.7%102.6%101.5%99.7%
Chris Cannon113.6%101.2%98.8%98.6%
Ian Ashcroft102.6%100.1%97.6%
Trevor Morris104.0%101.9%100.9%
Simon Fenton104.8%95.5%95.3%
Jan Wyles106.3%104.4%103.8%
Richard Hirons94.3%94.0%
Carolyn Hirons97.7%95.4%
Sue Strang97.8%95.9%
Ian Smallwood99.2%96.3%
Andrew Whitingham101.3%98.7%
John Porteous102.1%101.2%
Matt Taylor103.0%100.1%
Alan Turner107.4%106.5%
James MacDonald90.0%
Andrew Given96.7%
Patrick Grannan100.8%
Sharon Jones102.3%
Mark Crossland105.1%


Anyone wanting to participate please email Ian for individual targets for each of the 8 courses. You need to run at four different courses between now and the end of December.


The winner will be the person with the lowest 4th. best percentage.


A score of 101% means 1% slower than target, a score of 98% means 2% faster.


parkruns are dependent upon volunteers, let’s ensure we make an appropriate contribution.

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